GooFurr is an all-natural sticky cream that’s designed to deliver your pet’s medication and supplements in a fun, effective and stress-free way, every time! But you don’t have to use GooFurr just for pill time. Did you know that GooFurr has other great uses too?

Taming Feral or Frightened Dogs and Cats

A small colony of feral cats that I manage was my inspiration when I invented GooFurr. The sweet-yet-wild felines needed medicine from time to time, usually to control parasites and upper-respiratory infections. With GooFurr, I was finally able to get them the care they need, with one added bonus: the cats enjoyed GooFurr so much, they actually began to approach me begging for some. This gave me the idea of using it to help tame them.

Thanks to its enticing smell, and the fact that it can be offered at the end of a spoon or even a long stick, the sticky GooFurr paste is ideal for helping frightened cats and dogs associate human contact with a tasty reward. Over time, you can gradually reduce the distance and convince the animals to lick the GooFurr right off your finger. And because it contains only 0.13% phosphorus, GooFurr is a safe reward even for cats suffering from kidney problems.

Training Reward

Most cats and dogs LOVE the taste of wild-caught smoked salmon, which makes a small dollop of GooFurr the perfect training reward. Use it when clicker training or when teaching simple commands such as “sit” and “down.” Yes, cats really are willing to perform simple tricks — all it takes is positive reinforcement, plenty of patience, and a few dollops of GooFurr.

You can even turn it into a game: with a dollop of GooFurr at the end of a clean stick, point to an area where you want your pet to go. Reward with a clicker “click” or short phrase followed by the GooFurr. This is known as “target” training, and it can be a very effective way to encourage even feral cats and dogs to move from one area to another in a positive, stress-free way. This trick is so effective, it’s even used by zoos on wild animals.

Distraction in Stressful Situations

Trips to the vet, moving and visits with a groomer can cause our pets a great deal of stress. You can help ease their fears by providing a tasty distraction and early conditioning. For example, entice your pets with a little GooFurr smeared on the inside of their carrier to help them associate it with something positive and go inside on their own. During a vet visit, you may also be able to offer small amounts of GooFurr to keep your pet happily occupied while being examined (ask the vet for permission first). For easily stressed or frightened pets, you may have to introduce the scary situation slowly and gradually, using the GooFurr as a reward in combination with target training.