Sticks to Fur

GooFurr helps you succeed at medicating your cat or dog in a kind and safe manner. Our dual delivery system offers the advantage of applying  the medication to the animal’s fur even while asleep. Medicating your cat has never been easier, kinder, safer and efficient. Love your kitty, use GooFurrLearn More

100% Natural Ingredients

GooFurr Ingredients: Smoked Salmon, Water and Corn Starch. Our salmon is Wild Caught in North America, Alaskan Salmon, and our Corn Starch is unmodified. Goofurr contains No Artificial Colors or Preservatives. GooFurr has no side effects and is safe to give on a daily basis, making it an excellent vehicle to also deliver vitamin supplements.Learn More

Medicate with Ease

It is often quite a task to immobilize cats in order to regularly administer medication to them. The process is stressful for the animal and caretaker.  GooFurr has created a safe gentle way to medicate your pets that is simple and successful every time. Learn More

Order GooFurr Today! The only dual all natural & delicious paste on the market today making medicating your cat simple and successful every time.


Take the stress out of medicating your favorite four legged friend

What Clients Say

Thanks so much—GooFurr has been a god send—-both of my babies are on a anti-nausea med as needed—it makes them foam at the mouth it tastes so bad.  They both lick it right up with GooFurr. I don’t want to be without it!


It was great meeting you at the Secret Room Gift Suite for the Academy Awards– and THANK YOU for the wonderful GOOFURR products!! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
I have been using Goofurr for a couple of weeks.. It is MY BEST FRIEND!!!! We love our cats and our eight year old requires 1/2 a pill dailey..I used to dissolve in syringe and TRY to squirt into her mouth… Now with Goofurr, I mix with spatula and apply on her fur and she starts grooming… Thank you GooFurr…
Joanne Cessac.... Mineral Bluf, GA
I just wanted to let you know that we have been using the samples you sent. Our particularly difficult to pill clinic cat is enjoying it emensely and he isn’t so difficult to pill recently. I will be recommending your product to clients and we as a practice may be interested in distributing the product at some point.
Just wanted to say we LOVE your product ! I run a rescue and have many cats that need meds and this has been such a huge help with those difficult ones … I can highly recommend!! Thanks for such a great product!
Broken Promises Rescue
I got a sample of GooFurr at the Vancouver Island Pet Expo last weekend. Yesterday the vet prescribed antibiotics for an abscess that my cat has. I tried the GooFurr, and I’m totally sold. I’ve struggled in the past with hiding pills in food, with using Pill Pockets, with substituting liquid medicine for pills, but right now it looks like GooFurr tops them all. Rosie Kitty happily licked the GooFurr off my fingers.
Iris Gray
We ♥ it! 
Shaw Pet and Equine Hospitals
I tested goofurr on several cats. All of them liked it – three even followed me around while I was testing it on other cats just to see if they could get more……Great product – great ingredients.
We have over 300 animals here at Rainbow Friends and we love GOOFURR. Our cats who are in the hospital are unhappy and fussy, but your product makes medication time go so much easier. We have also used it for dogs and just a little squirt around a pill makes the pill very tasty.
Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary
It’s amazing!! Thank you so much making GooFurr and including your background story in the product sheet. I have enthusiastically recommended it to other CKD cat owners in an online forum. I wish you incredible success with the product.
Jeff Krauss
A few of my cats had to get a pill which is fairly large and not tasty. I just cut it in two pieces and put Goofurr on it – they gobbled it down in no time. Other cats were standing in line as if they wanted to say “please give me a pill”. I had to put some goofurr on my finger for them to lick it – that’s how they like it best.
We find Goofurr works like a charm with a cat we’re medicating. We wish it had been around with one of our previous cats that we just could not pill.
Tom Bailey