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GooFurr is the only product of its kind on the market today making it genuinely unique and attractive to the consumer. GooFurr will sell itself.

GooFurr has the strong consumer appeal for new product success

  • Consumers have not seen anything that will work GUARANTEED in medicating animals.
  • Consumers have never had a solution for the picky or smart animal that eats around the medication.
  • Consumers will be happy there is finally a product that takes away the stress of medicating animals.
  • Consumers will be happy knowing GooFurr is 100% Natural with no artificial colors or ingredients.

GooFurr is supported with strong marketing for you

  • We have designed GooFurr to be creative, fun and eye-catching for consumer sales.
  • We can provide excellent, unique and cost-effective marketing for the store.*


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