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This is the only product on the market today that is specifically intended to be mixed with your pet’s medication or supplement and then delivered to your pet in a gentle fashion. We have found that the majority of cats love the taste of GooFurr and will eat it directly from a spoon or finger. However, we all know that cats will accept a food…even the one they love… for so long. At some point the love affair is over, and that food will be refused. But no problem if this happens. GooFurr is a delicious paste created to be mixed with your pet’s pill or supplement that can can be delivered in one of two ways. The Yummy Way or the Sticky Way.

Using GooFurr

Before mixing the pill with GooFurr, offer a small amount to your cat to see his/her reaction. Most cats love it. If so, proceed with The Yummy Way and you are done.

If the cat is indifferent, use The Sticky Way to deliver the medication.

Pill to hard to crush? Place your cat’s pill inside on a small amount of GooFurr (the size of a blueberry), wait 5-8 minutes, mix well and you are ready to go.

The best place to apply it is on their side near the hind leg.

The Yummy Way
On a plate, crush the pill with the back of a spoon and mix well with a small amount of GooFurr using the enclosed spatula. Offer directly to your cat. Bon Appetit.

Cat has an attitude today? No problem, see The Sticky Way. 

The Sticky Way
GooFurr sticks to fur! Wait until your cat is resting, grooming or sleeping to smear the above mixture (a thin layer) on the fur where the cat can reach to lick it off. Purr.

The best place to apply it is on their side near the hind leg.

Sticks to Fur

Be successful every time medicating your cat with GooFurr. Whether your cat likes the taste of real salmon in GooFurr or not (and most do), they will swallow it…with the medication. Cats will not tolerate sticky substances on their fur for very long, and they will lick it off their fur when you apply the mixture. You don’t have to depend on their willingness to eat it. That’s why GooFurr continues to work no matter how long the animal needs to be on Medication. 

100% Natural Ingredients

GooFurr is made with Wild Caught Salmon.
GooFurr is made in North America.
GooFurr has No Artificial Colors or Preservatives.
Not harmful to humans or other pets.
GooFurr has no side effects.
Safe to give on a daily basis.
Excellent vehicle to also deliver vitamin supplements.

Medicate with Ease

It is often quite a task to immobilize cats in order to regularly administer medication to them. The process is stressful for the animal and caretaker. Cats become increasingly wary so each time it is more and more difficult to catch them in order to give them their medication.  With GooFurr you can avoid all of these hassles, we have created delivery system that you don’t have to depend on their willingness to eat it. Simply mix the crushed pill with a little bit of GooFurr, which turns into a delicious paste that most cats love. Then offer it to the cat or smear a thin layer on the cats fur where they will lick it off. Great for cats after surgery or with broken bones!


GooFurr brings relief to both animal and caretaker, freeing both from the nightmare of trying to medicate. Order GooFurr Today!


How GooFurr Works

What Clients Say

Just wanted to say we LOVE your product ! I run a rescue and have many cats that need meds and this has been such a huge help with those difficult ones … I can highly recommend!! Thanks for such a great product!
Broken Promises Rescue
I tested goofurr on several cats. All of them liked it – three even followed me around while I was testing it on other cats just to see if they could get more……Great product – great ingredients.
Sabine, Vet Office