The Story of GooFurr

About me and how GooFurr came to be: GooFurr was inspired by my need to medicate several cats, twice a day, for three weeks. For the past 7 years, I have been taking care of many cats. I have several cats of my own and am a volunteer caretaker of a feral and abandoned cat community. In the past, I have seen many injured and sick cats that I wasn’t able to help simply because I could not medicate them. I had difficulties medicating even my own cats. I remember dreading “pill time”. I was always afraid of getting hurt or hurting the cat. Well, this all changed. It happened at the veterinarian’s office, back in 2010, after he had prescribed antibiotics for the cat I had brought in. He also recommended that I should treat all the other cats that this particular one had been in contact with. This was definitely “Mission Impossible”…When I asked him why I couldn’t use the same topical cream we human’s use when afflicted by the same condition, his reply was that “Cats lick it off”. So I decided to create a product that can turn your cat pills, prescription medications, vitamins or supplements into a cream format that cats love or will naturally lick off of their fur. In order to mask the odor and taste of the pill and to make it as pleasant as possible for the cat, real salmon was incorporated into the mixture. The results are so great that cats will eat GooFurr right up, making the application to the fur a secondary option, which remains available to you, like an ace up your sleeve.

Meet the Owner

Barbara Cappelli
Barbara CappelliOwner, Inventor